Commonstore Upgrade

As christmas is coming nearer and people are already on vacation I can actually start working on complicated stuff.

What I had on my list to do was update commonstore from v.8.2 to v.8.3. Reading redbooks it just said upgrade the package and you will be settled.

Well after all it seems that this is once again correct.

Steps to do the upgrade:

  1. Backup your old commonstore folders (“/usr/lpp/cssap/” & the INSTANCEPATH Folder set in archint.ini)
  2. Update the software using smit
  3. Check if the old archint.ini is still in the folder, else copy it to the newly created folder (decide yourself either to put it into cssap or into the INSTANCEPATH folder)
  4. Install the license which is within the upgrade package with following command:
    1. ‘/usr/lpp/cssap/archpro -f licsense -c /usr/lpp/cssap/archint.ini
    2. You will be prompted for the license filename and directory. It should be within the package you have just installed
  5. Start archpro as you are used to it. If you still have your archint.ini in place you should not find any errors

What a productive friday, and time to lay back.

Merry Xmas

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