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RMAN: operation disallowed: snapshot controlfile enqueue unavailable

When this error message is shown by RMAN Log some process still trys to create a backup of the snapshot file and is locking this file. In order to stop that proccess carry out following steps: SQL> SELECT s.sid, username … Continue reading

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IBMs recommendation for VDISK Size is to make them as large as you need them. There is no benefit in splitting VDISKs in a custom size just to have a “loadbalance” over many vpaths for a LV. You will not … Continue reading

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AIX – LV partially mirrored

If a LV is partially mirrored when you isse the “lsvg -l vgname” command do following: ————————lsvg -l rootvg said: 0516-1147 : Warning – logical volume hd2 may be partially mirrored. lslv -m hd2 hd2:/usr LP PP1 PV1 PP2 PV2 … Continue reading

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p505 Console/HMC Connection

What a bugger. I once again needed some time to connect my vista laptop with the console of a p505. This time the software went absolutley well, but I could not remember the ip addresses of both HMC ports. Those … Continue reading

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SVC VPaths

I recently found out how nice AIX and vpaths are. Adding a SVC managed vdisk to a host is an easy job. Although when you by mistake add a wrong SVC Port into the SAN Zoning you can run into … Continue reading

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