Diskextension on HACMP Nodes

A guide which is often helpful is how to extend a VG in a HACMP environment.

There are 2 ways to do this, one I never did because of smitty and lazyness, and the other that just showed itself as successful.

Log into Node A and run a cfgmgr to find the new vpaths/hdisks

On Node A do following:
“extendvg4vp <vgname> vpath”. (Extendvg4vp might depend on the physical hardware you are using)
varyonvg -bu <vgname> (Unlocks the VG with the reservation flag)

On Node B do the following:
importvg -L <vgname> (-L means that it just learns changes and does not take the VG really online)

On Node A do following:

varyonvg <vgname>

Then your VG should be successful and your job is done.

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