NIM LED Errorcode 608

I just recently found out that an 608 error can not be only caused by a “” file not reachable for the nimclient.
During my year I have for some reason exported /nim/aix530/spot for all nodes on my network. When I try to install a 5.3 AIX System and the spot based in /nim/aix530 all things seem to be fine.
The system boots up the kernel and ends up in a blinking 608 and then dumps. What a bugger!
After some digging around I noticed that /spot was exported and removed that export.
The retry of the installation showed an exported filesystem for the node I wanted to install:

/nim/aix530/spot/aix530_0506/aix530_0506/usr                          nodename
/export/nim/scripts/nodename.script                              nodename

If this is not shown with “showmount -e” during an installation, check if the spot  or lppsource are exported.

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