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TSM – Expand TSM DB

Something I found on a forum is quite a good howto:—————-You have to format a volume (really just a file) that is a certain size you feel is adequate to reduce the utilization of the DB. You should run the … Continue reading

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TSM admin commands

As TSM Admin there are many things that need to be remembered during the day: q libvol <libraryname> <nameofvolume> define server <STANAME> serverpassword=<STAPWD> hladdress=<NetworkIP> lladdress=<Port> update path <sourcename> <destname> srctype=SERVER desttype=drive library=fc_prod device=<path> online=yes define path <Servername> <FCXX> srctype=SERVER desttype=drive … Continue reading

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Content Manager — DB structure & guides for a new Archiv-project I had to go deeper into Content Manager and its components. The complexity of the content manager by IBM is really impressive and took me some hours/days to get through it a bit at least.We … Continue reading

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DB2 — update many Rows at once

Latelty I had to play around with Content Manager and DB2 as the database software. DB2 is really nice, although it is annoying as backspace is not working in my environment. God knows why, I honestly did not care. Stuff … Continue reading

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