Content Manager — DB structure & guides for a new Archiv-project I had to go deeper into Content Manager and its components.

The complexity of the content manager by IBM is really impressive and took me some hours/days to get through it a bit at least.
We are using only TSM (diskpool/wormtapes) and a temporary space on the CM system for the archived files.

One of the best howtos I found on the net was this one:

It is more or less focused on TSM integration within CM, but it has some nice pictures of the new CM8.4 and its functions.
The DB structure itself is not that complex to be honest.

You have following important tables in the XXRMT database:


For more information on the tables check this page:

It explains every table, and a DB diagramm is a real mess to draw, so I will skip that one ๐Ÿ™‚

Most important is the dtable rmobjects, as within this table every item that was archived with the CM is placed in this table with all information on where to find the files (stgclassid from rmstorageclass), which managementclass it is placed in (mgtclassid from rmtmgtclass) and so on.

With CM8.3 all Logfiles are saved in ~/ibmadm/log/rm/. You can change the level waht will be logged in the files placed in the folder ~/was/installedApps/<servername>/icmrm.ear/icmrm.war/*.xml
The files are selfexplaining by their names. Be aware that with the DEBUG level, some system might crash ๐Ÿ™‚

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