TSM admin commands

As TSM Admin there are many things that need to be remembered during the day:

q libvol <libraryname> <nameofvolume>

define server <STANAME> serverpassword=<STAPWD> hladdress=<NetworkIP> lladdress=<Port>

update path <sourcename> <destname> srctype=SERVER desttype=drive library=fc_prod device=<path> online=yes

define path <Servername> <FCXX> srctype=SERVER desttype=drive library=<name_library> device=<NT-Devicename>

Define Node and new STGP/Copygr:

reg node <nodename> <password> domain=<domain_name> archdel=yes backdel=yes validate=all

def stgp <nodename> <library> po=primary crcdata=yes maxscratch=<value>

def copygr <domain> <policyset> <nodename> standard t=a dest=<destination_stgp> retver=nolimit

Create Diskpool for a STGP:

define stgp <STGP_NAME> disk po=primary crcdata=yes
define volume <STGP_NAME> <PATH_on_Server> access=readwrite formatsize=<size_in_mb> wait=yes

reclaimable volumes:
select stgpool_name,volume_name,pct_utilized,access,pct_reclaim,status
from volumes where stgpool_name in (select stgpool_name from stgpools
where devclass='<library_name>’) order by 1 asc,3 asc

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