Today a colleague of mine installed an AIX 6.1 SP2 LPAR that he wanted to be monitored.

Not that I like SNMP much, but it’s a pain on aix atleast for me šŸ™‚

Here is what i received after starting muxatmd (hardware relevant information).

 muxatmd  56530 (root    )  no SMUX entry for “muxatmd”

After digging around in the configs I had to edit those 2 files:

echo “”muxatmd”   “muxatmd_password”
” >> /etc/snmpd.peers

echo “smux         muxatmd_password #muxatmd
smux       dpid_password   #dpid
” >> /etc/snmpdv3.conf

After that the smux errormessage was gone and SNMP worked for all relevant information that I needed.

Nice commands to stop and start all relevant snmp daemons:

startsrc -s snmpd;startsrc -s dpid2;startsrc -s aixmibd;startsrc -s hostmibd;startsrc -s snmpmibd; startsrc -s muxatmd

stopsrc -s snmpd;stopsrc -s dpid2;stopsrc -s muxatmd;stopsrc -s aixmibd;stopsrc -s hostmibd;stopsrc -s snmpmibd

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