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AIX – statvfs() failed with errno 52

I stumbled accross this errormessage searching for a bug in a SNMP configuration. You will find entries like these in /var/tmp/muxatmd.log taht statvfs() failed.SNMP was not able to check the memory usage of a system. It hung after “hrDevices.Storage.NUMBER”. Identifying … Continue reading

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TSM – Diskpool for big Files

Using TSM one advantage is the use of diskpools within the TSM server to keep high load off your tapedrives. With this, you can even try to just use the tapes for migration from disk -> tape. There are 3 … Continue reading

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HACMP – LVM Command

If you run into the job to create many LVs within a HACMP cluster better use scripting than smitty (it’s a pain to create 50LVs within smitty). Here are 2 commands (more will follow): Delete a LV /usr/sbin/cluster/cspoc/smitlvm -8 ‘HACMP_CLUSTER_RESOURCE_NAME’ … Continue reading

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Apache2 – Generate SSL Ceritificate

Today I struggled creating a SSL request for our Nagioserver. In Suse 11 there is a little tool helping to create the SSL certificate: gensslcert Command line: gensslcert -C “hostname” -c COUNTRY -s REGION -l CITY -o ORGANISATION -U DEPARTMENT … Continue reading

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If you want to stress-test your TSM server to check how fast a backup is without accessing the tapepool you can easily generate diskpools. Though, if you have no space for your backup there is a hidden option for dsmserv.dsk … Continue reading

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