HACMP – LVM Command

If you run into the job to create many LVs within a HACMP cluster better use scripting than smitty (it’s a pain to create 50LVs within smitty).

Here are 2 commands (more will follow):

Delete a LV

  • /usr/sbin/cluster/cspoc/smitlvm -8 ‘HACMP_CLUSTER_RESOURCE_NAME’ ‘lvNAME’

Create a LV

automatically spread the LV over all volumes:

  • /usr/sbin/cluster/cspoc/smitlvm -17 ‘HACMP_CLUSTER_RESOURCE_NAME’ -y’lvNAME’ -t’typ[jfs2]’ -e’x’ -x'<number>’ VGNAME PP

specify one volume on current host to create LV

  • /usr/sbin/cluster/cspoc/smitlvm -17 -R’hostname’ ‘HACMP_CLUSTER_RESOURCE_NAME’ -y’lvNAME’ -t’typ[jfs2]’ -e’x’ -x'<number>’ VGNAME PP <hdisk>

export configuration

  • /usr/es/sbin/cluster/utilities/cl_exportdefinition -o ‘/var/hacmp/log/cluster.haw’
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