Kubuntu Installation via USB stick

Today I received my new mainboard (Zotac ION N330 + 4GB RAM). As I did not have a external CDROM drive I had to install the OS with a USB stick.
Messing around with this for 2-3 hours by several guides within ubuntuusers.com and some wikis I tried a softare called UNetbootin.
This little peace of software creates partitions within the USB stick (even if this is supposed to “not work”) and you can then select a distri/iso file to be extracted.
Then the program copies all data , for me kubuntu desktop, onto the usb stick like all howtos mentioned it is supposed to be.After the copyjob it creates its own bootmenu and syslinux.cfg file which does the trick.
I always ended up with either kernel panic not having a fs to install the os on, or the rootfs not being “ready”. Although rootfs was supposed to be /dev/ram or /dev/ram0.

After unetbootin did the job I booted up my new pc and atm the installation is formating my 300GB partition.

If you encounter problems like myself, go with this tool. I could have saved myself 3hours of trouble :=)

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