Power Systems 2009 – Storage

Within the storage track by David Vaughn many different technologies were described.

Following is a short list of waht happens in the next few months:

ProtecTIER for de-duplication

  • 250TB of data compressed to 10TB (as an example)
  • data on disk
  • 12month RIO
  • descreate of backup time/volume as data are deduplicated


  • 2TB SATA disks to be announced
  • infiniband to be announced


  • only reasonable usage for special purpose at the moment ( too expensive for a normal usage)
  • putting all data on SSD is way to expensive
  • selected files/folders on SSD is best practice by IBM

IBM Information Archive

  • properly will replace DR550
  • based on NAS
  • Index/Search data ability
  • shipping early next year


  • new design will be released -> 2,5% faster
  • exchange of all HW without outage possible
  • full-disk encryption feature to be released
  • new GUI enhancements


  • SDD support
  • ISCSI support
  • new server HW to be released -> speeds up SVC 2times
  • 8Gbps FC adapters to be released
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