Power Systems 2009 – XIV Performance Overview & Best Practice

Following some words about performance and best practice for XIV. Please bare with me, as I will not explain everything in detail 🙂

  • async mirror coming next months within the new releases
  • high queue depth and many active threads best for XIV
  • hardware release 2.2 has newer cpu models and therefore is way faster, announced for Oct 2009
  • the more SAN paths, the better performance/response times can be achived

Performance-tests with SVC 2 GB extend size

  • SVC will not essentially boost the XIV performance
  • cache hits will be even faster, writes to the XIV might be slower than without SVC

SVC should not be bought as a perf-boost reason, as from the current experience it does not bring the overall speed improvements.

“SVC does not hurt performance, but not really help”

  • min queue_depth = 64 => recommended
  • LUN size > 120GB => recommended
  • LUN = multiple of 6 (6Paths/Module)
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