Power Systems 2009 – LDAP & Kerberos

As usual for those blogentries, they will not describe the topic in detail, but more in a punctual way.

Find below some infos about ldap and kerberos in an AIX environment:

For LDAP authentification you need to edit /etc/security/user and check



– auth_method LDAP/SYSTEM (or any other 3rd party)

– user defition can be altered to authentificate with 2 methods by adding a “AND” to the auth_methods

With LDAP configuration files like

  • /etc/services
  • /etc/security/limits

can be read from the LDAP server (be aware that a 2way ldap server should be in place if you use this)

It is highly recommended to encrypt passwords (root has clear text view on them) and the general LDAP traffic

– client sie user authentification via SSL/TLS encryption

2 LDAP servers should be implemented in an environment, depending on which services are being kept by the LDAP server.

1 userlogin to an AIX system means 1 open socket (1024 sockets by default per AIX system / openfiles limit includes sockets)

default cache timeout of LDAP queries = 5 minutes. Can be flushed with secldapclntd

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