Power Systems 2009 – PowerVM best practices

As usual for those blogentries, they will not describe the topic in detail, but more in a punctual way.

  1. Provide storage via SAN/MPIO to the clients
  • set no_reserve on reserve_policy per disk
  • hcheck_interval >= 60 seconds
  • algorithm = round_robin for hdisk or failover

General tips & news:

  • assign same disk to 2 partitions at once on VIO CLI => mkvdev -f
  • NPIV for disk => according to the presentation, there is no real benefit out of it besides much more administrative work
  • network failover with control_chanel and spanning-tree was measured to take 25seconds (I have seen same with rpst+)
  • check which adapter is active:

=> entstat -d entX | grep Active

=> dsh -n <servername> entstat -d | grep Active

  • dual VIO, FC SAN, AIX MPIO => best practice
  • dsh within defaul CSM package should be used

=>  dsh lsdev – Cc cdrom | dshback

  • dcp = distribued copy (same funtion than dsh, just not ssh into the box but copy with ssh)

Recommendation for PowerVM:

  • documentate your environment with sysplan from HMC
  • prtconf for HW-Infos
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