HMC: Inventory Commands

Creating new pSeries its always good to have spreadsheets of the configuration (LPAR name, CPU, Memory, IO,etc) for DLPAR and general sizing information.

As usual, admins get tired of updating spreadsheets or just forget it, so it is useful to more ore less have a scripted way to create / update those spreadsheets. Following are some commands I use to update those scripts with for me important information:

list of managed systems
lssyscfg -r sys -F name

list configured-procs
lshwres -m <managed-system>  -r proc –level sys -F configurable_sys_proc_units

list memory
lshwres -m <managed-system>  -r mem –level sys -F configurable_sys_mem

list processors config for lpar
lshwres -r proc  -m <managed-system> –level lpar -F lpar_name,lpar_id,curr_min_proc_units,curr_proc_units,curr_max_proc_units,curr_min_procs,curr_procs,curr_max_procs,curr_uncap_weight

list memory config for lpar
lshwres -r mem -m <managed-system> –level lpar -F lpar_name,lpar_id,lpar_id,curr_min_mem,curr_mem,curr_max_mem

list profile-config
lssyscfg -r prof -m <managed-system> -Flpar_name,lpar_id,min_mem,desired_mem,max_mem,min_proc_units,desired_proc_units,max_proc_units,min_procs,desired_procs,max_procs,uncap_weight

list os and state of LPAR
lssyscfg -r lpar -m <managed-system> -F name,lpar_id,state,os_version

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