Nagios: check_oracle_health free tablespace misbehaving

With check_oracle_health it is possible to view the free tablespace of a SAP system which is running on Oracle.
The descriped scenario is:

– SAP 6.0
– Oracle

Within DB02 transaction it is possible to view the current free space on a tablespace(main view) and the free space calculated by all extends.

check_oracle_health does not include free extends, if a datafile does not meet following criteria:

current_size >  max size,

check_oracle_health does some bad work, and just shows free mb of the tablespace as it is shown in the main view within DB02.

If the rule above is valid, check_oracle_health will use the view which is under the tab “free space” which includes all free extends for the tablespace.

This is something we came to today when a check alerted a full TS, but there were still enough extends.

Just follow the rule not to set current_size > max_size, as it will somehow change the view of DB02 and check_oracle_health

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