FC Adapter / cable health check

A little toolset IBM has provided for checking if FC adapters or cables are broken:

Script can be requested at IBM support ūüôā

Measure the TX and RX Power of the adapter Transceiver
NOTE: the port has to be connected so device drivers can open it. Either with a wrap plug or connected to a switch or target device.
TX measurement more negative than -10 dBm is bad ==> Replace adapter
RX measurement more negative than -10 dBm          ==> cable needs to be checked first, and then check GBIC / SFP (Small Form Factor Pluggable) at switch or target device (if direct-attach)

==> Dämpfung Soll: >-10 dBm
==> TX = Adapter
==> RX = Verkabelung, Switch, Target-Device


#./efc_power /dev/fscsi0
TX: 1276 -> 0.4726 mW, -3.26 dBm
RX: 013a -> 0.0314 mW, -15.03 dBm

# ./efc_power /dev/fscsi0
TX: 0000 -> 0.0000 mW, –INF dBm ¬†==>
INF = infinite  ==> swap adapter
RX: 0aaf -> 0.2735 mW, -5.63 dBm

run the attached script on the LPAR and provide output
# chmod +x efc_power
# ./efc_power /dev/fscsiX (X=0,1…)



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4 Responses to FC Adapter / cable health check

  1. Melih says:

    hier kann man das Script auch runterladen.. muss sich im FOrum nur anmelden!


  2. Melih says:

    könntest du dir erklären, was die Ausgabe von

    # ./efc_power /dev/fscsi1
    DUMP mailbox failed with status 0x00e0.


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