AIX: extended logging

If you wanna have all history logged there are probably many ways and methods:

This one is one way we do the logging:



. /sbin/


function log
        if [[ $- = *i* ]]; then
                if [[ $LOGNAME = !(nagios|*adm) ]] ; then
                        typeset TTY=`who am i | awk '{print $2}'`
                        if [[ $TTY = @(pts*) ]] ; then
                                typeset -i STAT=$?
                                typeset X=$(fc -t -n -0)
                                logger -p -t "$LOGNAME $$" $TTY Status $STAT PWD $PWD ${X#  }
trap log DEBUG

We left out all *adm users, as SAP with Java normally uses hundreds of embedded profiles and therefore the switching to that one user took sometimes 5 seconds which gave us quite a pain.


Good luck on logging 🙂

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