Power5: Workload Partition management – delete LPAR off WPAR

If you try and delete an LPAR(VM) off a Power5 with HMC 7.3.4 you might run into a HSCL0589 error message.


IBM says, you should put the LPAR out of the workloadcluster. Normally this is achived via the LPAR profile and the settings of the LPAR. You just need to put the LPAR in “none” workload partition.

With HMC7.3.4 this is not possible, as only values 0-9 are valid. So you login into the HMC and execute:

chsyscfg -m <managed-system> -r lpar -i "lpar_id=<id>,work_group_id=none"and can delete the LPAR now.
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