[HMC] HMC and IBM blades

Today I installed HMC V7.7.6 SP1 and tried to connect IBM Blade p701 to it.

With given information that was an easy job (once you have all network config done), you just need to remember some stuff:

  • FSP within Blade is a SPOF, even with 2 FSPs within a dual-frame blade, only 1 FSP will be connected to the HMC
  • FSP needs to be routed through the AMM Module to the HMC.
  • Blade needs to be on latest FW (p70x 01AA730 _094 / jsXX 01EA350_132)
  • A blade already configured will loose its complete configuration (IVM config) and needs to be rebuild “from scratch”

Guide on how to do the connection from IBM:


Also ASMI config for IBM blades:


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