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[Ganglia] Installation demistified

Find within this entry a ganglia setup I just created today after reading lots of different webpages. The goal is to have 1 gmetad installation with only gmond serving the data. Installation and design is for IBM Powersystems, but should … Continue reading

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HMC: Reset Password for powersystem

A useful document on how to work with HMC and powersystems (very old but still valid) which also describes how to reset the passwords for a powersystem if the ASMI user/pass is known. LINK  

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Power5: Workload Partition management – delete LPAR off WPAR

If you try and delete an LPAR(VM) off a Power5 with HMC 7.3.4 you might run into a HSCL0589 error message.   IBM says, you should put the LPAR out of the workloadcluster. Normally this is achived via the LPAR … Continue reading

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VIO server MPIO settings

A picture I found within an presentation from IBM which sums up the recommended MPIO settings for all VIO servers you are administering.            

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AIX: extended logging

If you wanna have all history logged there are probably many ways and methods: This one is one way we do the logging:   /etc/profile . /sbin/ /sbin/ function log {         if [[ $- = *i* ]]; then                 … Continue reading

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FC Adapter / cable health check

A little toolset IBM has provided for checking if FC adapters or cables are broken: Script can be requested at IBM support 🙂 efc_power: Measure the TX and RX Power of the adapter Transceiver NOTE: the port has to be … Continue reading

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XIV Storagepool website overview

Within this post you will find a script I wrote with a colleague to create an overview of storage pools and snapshots with total/used capacity assigned via the xcli. It will create webpages for all of the XIVs you have. … Continue reading

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