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[Ganglia] Installation demistified

Find within this entry a ganglia setup I just created today after reading lots of different webpages. The goal is to have 1 gmetad installation with only gmond serving the data. Installation and design is for IBM Powersystems, but should … Continue reading

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[HMC] HMC and IBM blades

Today I installed HMC V7.7.6 SP1 and tried to connect IBM Blade p701 to it. With given information that was an easy job (once you have all network config done), you just need to remember some stuff: FSP within Blade … Continue reading

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HMC: Reset Password for powersystem

A useful document on how to work with HMC and powersystems (very old but still valid) which also describes how to reset the passwords for a powersystem if the ASMI user/pass is known. LINK  

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TSM Server Update

Something I was quite worried about was doing a TSM Upgrade, although reading that it was quite easy to do. For TSM you need to have v5.2 to upgrade to any newer version. If you are still, which I doubt, … Continue reading

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