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Nagios: check_oracle_health free tablespace misbehaving

With check_oracle_health it is possible to view the free tablespace of a SAP system which is running on Oracle. The descriped scenario is: – SAP 6.0 – Oracle Within DB02 transaction it is possible to view the current free … Continue reading

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AIX: Performance monitoring with Nagios

Some articles here will describe how to monitor the CPU performance of an LPAR and the implementation of some checks within Nagios.

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Nagios: SNMPTT debugging

SNMPTT with snmptrapd is a powerful tool to integrate traps within Nagios. What you need to remember is, that snmptt is waiting for its configuration file (snmptt.ini) in /etc/ by default. The normal procedure to use snmptrapd with snmptt is … Continue reading

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XIV monitoring is a bit of comlicated, as the storage subsystem from IBM is more like a blackbox. There is not much that is possible to read via SNMP or SNMPTRAP.

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Nagios: Check SAP Javastack

Check SAP Javastack with Nagios:

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Nagios: Check DS4700 cabinet and HW

Another nagios-check I configured for our environment:

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Nagios HACMP Clustercheck Script

I wrote this script to check HACMP or PowerHA Clusterstates:

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Nagios: SAP CCMS Monitoring

In a previous blog-entry I described how to change check_sap_cons (sap-ccms nagios package) to report performance data. After some time this was not enough anymore. Configuring CCMS with its warning/critical values is a mess and also a global configuration. So … Continue reading

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